Killer Market MT4

Original price was: $999.Current price is: $499.

Killer Market MT4 is an advisor with a system for “Resolving” a basket of unprofitable orders, a news filter, a filter for open positions on other trading instruments and the function of sending trading signals to your Telegram channel.
The Expert Advisor can be used to restore unprofitable positions on the account as a utility to bring trades to breakeven that you opened with your hands or other Expert Advisors.
Works inside a linear regression channel, input on several conditions. The signal uses the direction of the linear regression channel, channel width, intersection of exponential moving averages, average daily volatility, order averaging.
The grid step is configured, if the price goes against us, then after a certain number of orders, the account recovery function (drawdown reduction) is activated, the most distant unprofitable orders are reduced by closing with opposite orders with a profit. Thus, the EA overcomes almost any recoilless movements and drawdowns. The chart displays information about profit, news and draws the regression channel itself.
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